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VE43521 DVD-R 4.7GB

Verbatim DVD-R 4.7GB 120 Minute 16x Wide Photo Printable ID Brand Jewel Case (10 Pack)


Verbatim DVD-R 4.7GB 120 Minute 16x Wide Photo Printable ID Brand Jewel Case (10 Pack)

As well as the latest speeds, Verbatim media is also available with the newly improved Printable surface - 'wider and whiter' . Where previously colours could appear uncertain, dull and someway from those of the original image, with Verbatim's printable disc surface they are now as rich and deep as the original. Additionally the printable surface is right up to the hub of the disc. From the outer edge a full 49mm is printable! This helps prevent images being cropped at those critical points and allows your full design to be shown.

Verbatim's DVD-R for General was designed to meet the needs of uses who demand a higher capacity. Therefore designed primarily for businesses and consumers for data archiving and one-time video recording. Professionals working with large image files, for example, will immediately discover advantages such as the ability to have an entire picture library on one disc, while sharing large multimedia files will no longer be a problem. Home-users will be able to edit, organise, share and preserve their memories on one disc in the form of photos, video clips and music. Verbatim's DVD-R for Authoring media was designed to meet the needs of professional content developers and software producers. Ideal for video, audio, multimedia imaging, archiving data and more! These discs can be read by all DVD drives but can only be written to by Pioneer's DVR-S201 drive.

Price: £8.10
exc Vat: £6.75


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 DVD-R 4.7GB

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